Buy me a Coffee

Feel like buying me a fresh, hot coffee to quench my thirst and keep me awake?

Your Coffee support will go towards:

  1. Quenching that thirst = more haiku more frequently
  2. Covering expenses (personal plan + custom domain)
  3. Buying pencils, and scraps of paper. I use those now and then.


You can make that lovely coffee happen via:

  • Buy Me a Coffee at (Pay Pal)
  • page *
  • Western Union (Be sure to contact me before using the service as you will need my name and address)
  • Yandex Yasobe page ** (Russian PayPal – for Tom Clancy’s fans. Buy me a coffee through this and get asked lots of questions by guys wearing suits and ties. Kidding! Maybe not)

Your support is greatly appreciated!

* Psst, if you see some weird Cyrillic letters, fear not, it’s my Russian name. The Russians are coming… But seriously, it’s just that PayPal doesn’t allow me to register my name in English. Instead, it’s registered in Russian as per the country of my current residence)

** How Yandex Yasobe works:

  1. “ВЗНОС” = “Donation”. I set 100 roubles (roughly $1.65) as a preset donation. You can change the amount as you see fit.
  2. “Visa” icon or yellow wallet. No need to do anything here. Don’t worry: Visa, Master Cards, and Maestro are accepted.
  3. Once you are sure of the donation size, click “Перевести Деньги” = “Transfer Money”. The following pages will be in English.
  4. You’ll be redirected to the page requesting you to fill in your name (last, first, middle) and email. This way I’ll be able to personally thank you for a hot coffee and going through the whole trouble of Yasobe. If you feel uncomfortable providing your real name, feel free to write whatever does it for you.
  5. Fill in your card details and smash “pay”.
  6. You did it! I’ve got my fresh coffee. And now you’re sending your hard-earned dough to a Russian via Internet. Highly suspicious. Kidding! Maybe not.