The hardest part to pen about…

Okay, okay. I will write some stuff here. Pinky promise 🙂

What’s a haiku?

Haiku is a Japanese poem. It has a fixed form of 17 syllables, in three lines of five, seven, five (5 7 5).

Normally (and by that I mean “traditionally”) haiku are designed to evoke vivid imagery of nature, natural occurrences, and all its attending philosophical / psychological / sociological parallels that your mind can conjure up upon reading a haiku.

But your haiku are not about nature

Well, I do write these traditional haiku of the natural world, yet, I should point out that they are thin on the ground on this blog.

However, I always retain the 5-7-5 haiku structure and write about everything that comes to my mind. So, you can say it’s haiku, just with a different twist to it.

What’s all this about writing haiku, anyway?

Remember that haiku form of 5 7 5 syllables is strict? Well, I’m curious as to how much meaning I can pack in 17 syllables. Fun times!

Once I get good at haiku, where I work within confines, I’ll return to writing using different forms (my eyes are twinkling upon the thought of free verse).

What’s more, it’s a good language training / challenge for me, as English is not my native language.

What are you writing about?

….. (will write it up later)

What are you NOT writing about?

Theme of cheating is the borderline for my haiku.

NEVER WILL I INCLUDE naked body parts, profanities, lewd innuendos, politics, discriminatory notions (the list is subject to further expansion) into my haiku.

I keep contemporary culture references out of my haiku ( she tweeted me bla / Swipe left, right bla bla / …… will write it up later)

Internet memes has no place in my haiku. Sorry guys.

I do not include brand names. Why would I want to do that, anyway?

Keeping my haiku perennial and squeaky clean.


Do you write anything else except haiku?

….. (will write it up later)

You write a lot! How do you come up with haiku?

….. (will write it up later)

How this blog came about

….cue – I know you want to write something here.

I undertook a WordPress blogging course on poetry, and the first lesson was on haiku. At first, I wasn’t impressed, thought, “whatever man, let’s just get this haiku done and move forward. They ask for a haiku, they’ll get a haiku.” I scribbled something, posted it on my “Pieces and Papers” blog, and…..


Have been hooked up on writing haiku and that first lesson ever since. I’m learning that lesson through and through, experimenting.
The results are here for everyone to see 🙂

Why “Ilya”? 

Ilya (“Илья” in Russian) is my real first name . I see that question in your eyes. Yes, I am Russian. The Russians are coming, man! Kidding.

If you happen to be learning French, you’ll notice that squished “Ilya” resembles “Il y a” when unsquished and it stands for “There is”. Yes, you read it right. My name spelled in Latin alphabet means “there is” in French. Imagine that!

Why “Horatio”? 

Horatio” (“Горацио” in Russian) part has a tad more interesting meaning and background to it. Nope. It’s not my real last name

Back in the day, when I was an unassuming young man of sixteen years of age (2007), I decided to teach myself the ways of beatbox. Nope. Nothing to do with the martial arts. It’s more like doing music with your mouth. Seemed like such a cool idea at the time.

Anyway, time passed. I got better at beatbox. To what extent? Watch my most viewed beatbox video on Youtube – over 100K views. I wanted to show myself to the world (childish of me, I know). The question of pseudonym arose. Out of blue, I went for “Horatio”. Just sounded slick. Try and say it yourself: Ilya Horatio. Sounds slick enough for me in Russian – “Илья Горацио”, not that you can read Russian.

Later on, at some point, I resorted to search engines’ magic and did some research on the name. Turned out that, among many other things, Horatio was a friend to Hamlet in William Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet. Slickness just went up 10 point up in my book. Sweetness.

Although I no more beatbox these days (well, it’s funky and all when you’re 16-20, but when you’re pushing this side of 26 as of July 2017… I mean, really), …………………