6 thoughts on “Sublime Vessel

    1. Kelsey, thank you for your kind praise. I appreciate it greatly : – )
      Every now and then I have some inspirational and deep thoughts going through my mind. The important bit though is to not forget to put them on a scrap of paper or in my phone for that matter, otherwise the train of thought would be forever gone and nowhere to be found, until the next deep-ish thought comes along : – 0 So it goes

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    2. I know the feeling well. Occasionally I find myself thinking of inspirational or thought provoking thoughts and either be in bed, driving, or in the middle of writing something else!

      Constantly the rain
      pours and soaks me to the bone
      does it ever turn off?

      yeah, I still haven’t developed an apprenticeship for haiku! But I do still enjoy reading it

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