Groggy Awakening 

Evil morning smirks.

Alarm clock mocks at me. Buzz.

“Fine! I’m getting up.”



4 thoughts on “Groggy Awakening 

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    1. Well, no certain pattern there. It’s just that I try and compose a morning related haiku every morning.
      This morning I felt like writing a haiku that had to do with being groggy in the mornings 🙂

      Sure, I’ll keep at it 🙂 Can’t stop writing haiku. It doesn’t take as much time as it took me to write both rhymed and free verse. That’s why I admire your work, Jeren. Very high-quality poems, vivid imagery, not just some 17 syllables of silliness 😉

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    2. A haiku morning sounds good a beautiful habit. Those 17 syllables always fill my heart, so they are in no way lesser than anything else out there. Thank you, I admire your work too. Haiku is one the things I struggle to write and you do it fluently. I guess brevity isn’t the soul of MY Wit!


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