Sunny Morning

Sunlight through window.

Blanket over my head, quick!

Morning, go away!



9 thoughts on “Sunny Morning

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    1. Haha, great minds alike sort of thing.
      By the way, Sumi, my reply to your comment (the one where I explained how I write haiku) prompted a pretty wordy behind-the-scenes article called “inside my mind: Composing a haiku.”
      Be sure to read it!
      And thanks for the prompt 🙂

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    1. Hits close to home for so many! What do you know!

      Being pleasant in the morning is something I still have to master :-0 hence, the inspiration for morning haiku.
      Thanks for the comment, Kelsey! I appreciate it!

      If you feel like reading what I have to say about learning French, please have a look at the first post on my new blog:

      Now that I have a bit more free time, I’ll finally be able to read all 100 of your posts and build up that British vocabulary 🙂

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    2. Then perhaps it’s not a thing against people as it seems like morning is the common problem! 😆 Mornings are nice when you have time to relax and enjoy…otherwise it’s just go go go go and that’s easily when I get twisted up and cranky. (Just a little bit.) 🙂

      You’re always welcome! You deserve praises so I’m just doing my job. And thank you for the new reading material! Best of luck on the new blog. 😁

      Let me know how that goes; and no worries about reading it all in one go. 😃


    1. As I live and breathe! If it’s not Jeren! How goes it? Travelled alright?

      Well, mornings and blogging don’t go that well :-0 as in… mutual disdain to the point of not being able to see each other.

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    2. Everything is… Great? Or trying to make it great! Got bit rusty on the two weeks break I took from blogging. I’m happy to see you still going strong. I know about mornings, man what a bummer, that morning sun!

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