7 thoughts on “Things Inside

    1. Sometimes I feel happy that I’m a guy. No make up to fret about. Heck, I don’t even comb my hair. But yeah, brushing teeth… still need to humor those around me; can’t be helped, sadly enough. And then there are these purses. I just put everything in them pockets and go about my day. Back in the day I was privy to the contents of one of those… and boy! Hence the haiku.
      * the wrong button. editing the comment

      as for the bottomless purses.. I mean, you want to tell me that there is a good chance that one might find something extraordinarily humongous (drum kits, what have you) in such purses, not least if all these humongous things fall out?! Yikes indeed. And what about foodies?!?!? All that food in there. Fridges of food, even!

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    2. My point exactly! Well, about the potential materials one may hoard in something so large! Yes, be glad you’re a bloke with deep pockets and no need for purses and the chance to lose/spill things needlessly. And thanks for commenting back!!

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