Tonight’s Dinner

“What’s on the menu?”

Her look turned me to ashes.

“Cup noodles. Got it.”



4 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner

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    1. Yeah… I was starting to think you ignore me… on purpose… out of hate, spite, fill-in-that-god-damned-blank-already!

      Hi Rachel. I’m glad I got your attention 🙂
      I really enjoy reading your short witty observations. They are short. You know some folks they write a lot, like 18000 words a post and man… There are just so many waking hours in a day! We, mere mortals, do appreciate their vast and grand writing abilities, but we have battles to choose, food to make, shows to watch, interesting and CONCISE blogs to read! Choices choices. “Rachel being chatty” beats these smart cats any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Wiping floors of Amazon warehouses with them but good. Damn, are they huge! Symphony… and you’re triumphant. Read Rachel and you just can’t lose, bro!

      Not as witty as yours, but hey, I didn’t know where else to put this either :-0

      By the way, I appreciate reading your stuff that much that there’s a surprise coming your way tomorrow. Not that much of a surprise any longer, now that I have told you that. I’m always bad at that.

      Thanks for your kind worda. Keep ’em observations coming! Always look forward to them 😉 My days are markedly sadder whithout them.


    2. Awe, well I certainly don’t want you to be sad. Cool! I look forward to checking out the surprise tomorrow. I’m sure there will be a trigger for me to peek at it somewhere.

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