Morning & Work

Stayed in bed. Screw work!

Sleep. Light knock knock on my head.

Cough. Seems like… No… Boss?!



5 thoughts on “Morning & Work

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    1. HAHA! That is so unlikely to happen over here so I didn’t think about it. What is your response when your work is interpreted different from the view it was written?

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    2. Nothing is impossible these days!
      the world is getting crazier by the day 🙂
      In my haiku I try and set up vague / tricky scenes, what with 17 syllables limit and all. It follows that multiple interpretations are possible.

      Sometimes readers comment on haiku and thus relay the imagery I’ve never thought of in the first place when I was writing the haiku. Which is pretty cool! It gives me ideas for new haiku too!

      At any rate, normally I wouldn’t comment on what I meant or what I had in mind writing this or that haiku. I let my readers’ imagination run wild 🙂

      my haiku, as any other haiku, are what you make of them 😉


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