8 thoughts on “Destiny Closed?

    1. I thought over this comment for days.
      Still, seems I can’t decipher it 😦
      Not that you wrote something weird there, it’s just that English is not my native language and from times to times some subtle thingies are lost on me, although I do my damnedest to prevent it from happening through studying even harder! Talk about language nerds.
      Would you mind elaborating on your comment above? It’ll be a great help for me 🙂

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  1. Sure! I took, “Imposing. Want to enter?” to be you first saying that the gates of destiny are imposing upon your life according to what you planned out. Then, destiny itself asking you if you want to enter. Next, after consideration, in review of your plan not working out, you decide to open, to surrender to destiny because at that time, the option is viewed as welcomed after so many misses from your plan. Too deep? 😅


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