My Darling?

“My dear, my darling,

You are all I’ll ever need!”

The bottle smiled back.



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  1. You may not be aware, but in some reader views, only the first two lines of the poem are visible. The third line is only revealed once the poem is clicked. The question mark in the title gave a hint at a twist and the first two lines were enough to draw a person in. The effect, in some sense, was twistedly humorous (although mixed with seriousness). In a poetic sense, the twist hit appropriately.

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    1. Wow! Thank you for such an insightful comment!
      I fully appreciate it!
      At last, someone pointed it out that 2 lines Reader thingie.
      In the early days of this blog, I was thinking whether I should go with writing haiku in one line (separating 7 5 syllables with “~”) or with writing haiku neatly in 3 lines.
      As it turned out, the latter approach didn’t befriend Reader that much. However, funnily enough, when skimming Reader, all my haiku show ankle to readers (in the form of the first two lines). They click and, yes, the third line twist hits. Can’t be found in all my haiku, though, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind, the first two lines, that is.

      Once again, fully appreciate your comment!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the haiku with its twist 🙂

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