Showing Off Cured?

Showing off taints you?

Can be cured, yet might get rough.

Be Humble! No? *Punch*



5 thoughts on “Showing Off Cured?

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    1. Thanks, I appreciate your words 🙂
      Haiku format of 5 7 5 syllables is strict but I’m curious how much meaning I can pack in it.
      Once I get good at haiku, where I work within limits, I guess I’ll get really good at writing free formats.

      Hussein, I’m telling you,
      I will keep replying to your posts with my haiku 😉

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    2. Oh man, you have a great passion and a great ambition for getting stick to these writings. I believe it is short and apt. This post has a golden words, and the message exists in it. Well done ! I am really enthusiastic for reading more posts like this, I am so excited that you knew your way in writing! Thank you for sharing, llya!👍

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    1. Haha, fully appreciate your comment, thanks 🙂

      I also have a blog where I say it all in both verse and free verse, but it’s not where I post these days. You want to know why?
      I undertook WordPress blogging courses on poetry, and the first lesson was on haiku poetry. Have been hooked up on writing haiku and that first lesson ever since. I’m learning that lesson through and through, experimenting.
      The results are here for everyone to see 🙂

      Link for another blog, in case you’re interested:


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